Vinyl records were commonly referred to as "wax" because of the composition. In 1972 a budding DJ, Leo Joseph was given the name the Dr. on Wax later shortened to Dr. Wax. Many years later in 1992 Dr. Wax retired and his son Garvin Joseph continued the musical legacy and the name Dr. Wax.

As a child Garvin was exposed to music by his dad who was not only a DJ but also a guitarist. Music was a constant in the Joseph’s home, exposing Garvin to a vast array of recorded and live music. He was encouraged to play an instrument and read music. It came as no surprise that Garvin with a good musical ear was able to select and mix music at a very tender age. Dr. Wax Jr., although restricted to playing at early functions, birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, etc. at his father’s club, The Flamingo Inn in Brooklyn; was quite ready for the big stage. It was at this time Dr. Wax Jr. was featured in Everybody's magazine as one of the city’s youngest happening DJ’s / entertainer. To date Garvin boasts an illustrious musical career consistent with the Dr. Wax legacy.


Garvin has taken the Dr. Wax name to events throughout NYC, United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. His vast musical background and knowledge of sound equipment has produced a DJ that is not exclusive to any event type, age, or genre of music. Dr. Wax services are available for Weddings, Private, Corporate, or Nightclubs.

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